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Robotic Toy – different kind of robot

September 10, 2009

Robotic toy is a wide area. Toy it self can correspond to many object. The word robotic makes it even worse. This classification is not complete. It only determined by the form of robotic toy.

Humanoid is robot in the form of human. They have 2 legs, 2 arms 1 body and 1 head. But not like us, their brain mostly resides in their body. This kind of robotic toy is a sophisticated fusion of personality and technology. Their head is a place for sensors. Some of the popular humanoid robotic toy is Robosapien series. This robot is among the first robot build based on the biomorphic robotic science. This robotic toy is one of the favorites now. He can walk, run, turn, and even do kung fu moves.

C3PU (Robot in Star Wars) is a humanoid robot; even I think he is not a robot. He is a human inside robot. Many children think robot is always humanoid robot. A Humanoid robot should be an autonomous robot. It should adapt to changes in its environment or itself and continue to reach its goal. Asimo is an advanced humanoid robot made by Honda, but he is too expensive for Christmas gift.

Robotic Arm, Robot in the form of an arm. Usually it has a static base. Because of this static base, it is easier to connect this robot with larger computer or controller. Just like our arm, it has some degree of freedom. Owi Robots produce popular Robotic Arm Robot Kits. It is selected by The Institute For Childhood Resources as “100 Best Children’s Product for 1998”. It has five axes of motion.

Robotic puppy is children’s best friend. Children love puppy. We still remember our first puppy. We wish the puppy will still puppy. Unfortunately they grow become big dog. Its ok for dogs, but we prefer puppy. Robotic puppy will not grow to dog. This is a four legs robot. It can bark, walk, and sit. Tekno The Robotic Puppy is one of the famous robotic puppy. I-cybie is an older robotic puppy that has discontinued. We can put program in their brain. Aibo is robotic puppy from Sony corp. Some times we cannot bring our puppy in pet-free environments. You can bring Tekno The Robotic Puppy in. But be careful don’t tell the guard that he is a puppy; tell them he is just another robotic toy.

Combat robot is robotic toy designed to combat in the particular rule. Back to gladiator ages, people still love to watch a fight. We often watch animal fight, or even human fight (boxing). Welcome to the new gladiator, the combat robot. This robotic toy is designed to fight each other. Sumo-bot is one of them. The arena is a circle. Two sumo-bot facing each other. They should try their best to drag the enemy out of the circle. They use the same hardware with different kind of behaviors. We program the tactic. Its not only muscle but brain is important.

There is another competition, just like gladiator. In a closed arena (just like in Ancient Rome), children put their robots in. The rule is no rule. The last standing robot alive is the winner. There will be crush, beat, hit, and any other fighting act. This is bloody game. Some times we can see bolts, nuts, wheels, or even motors tears off from its body. After the game, children have to collect their robot’s parts out of the arena. This game is not for the faint hearted.

Robot animal is robotic toy in the form of animal. Animal is the source of inspiration. We make plane, inspired by birds. For robot, the possibility is endless. Robotic puppy is actually a robot animal. So do the robotic cub, and robotic kitten. If we combine all the robot animal it will form a robot zoo. Robot Zoo is a traveling exhibit that reveals biomechanics of robot animal. They travel across the nation to the museums. The Robot Zoo provides fantastic new insights and hands-on fun for discovering jus how animals work. Children really love it.

Robotic kits for educational purposes. Robot has long known for its educational purposes. Children can learn about contraption, physics, electronic, and computing. We can utilize robot even for the language art, even biology. It is almost anything. Why using robot for educational purposes? Robot has won most of the children’s attention. Children love to learn something with curiosity. Robotic kits give children opportunity to build their own robot. Some graduate student from Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University use robotic kits to raise passion for 100 children in Pittsburgh. They plan to give away 100 precious Mindstorms NXT robotic kits to 100 children. Even Google participating by sponsoring this activity. Imagination is precious. Children has it in abundance. Adult’s imagination is limited because of daily reality they experience. With robotic kits, children can explore their imagination to the limits. Sky is the limit actually.