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December 5, 2009
2009 December, 4th
Laura Spencer
Laura Spencer

Not A Zhu Zhu PetZhu Zhu Pets are one of the “hot” toys for this Christmas season. If you have a child under 12 around, you’ve probably already heard of this new, fuzzy way to empty your wallet (or you will be hearing about it soon).

(For those of you who don’t happen to have a child handy to ask, Zhu Zhu Pets are cute robotic hamsters that apparently do nearly everything that a real hamster can do — except make the mess. There are also a number of accessories that parents can buy to go with this toy.)

What’s interesting about the rise in popularity of Zhu Zhu Pets is the way that this product was promoted. According to a post over at SocialMedia Today Cepia L.L.C., the company behind the toy, relied heavily on bloggers and YouTube to build up interest in their product.

It has proven to be a brilliant strategy.

My own research shows that there is already a Zhu Zhu Pet finder quiz on Facebook based on the cuddly toy as well as a Facebook game. There are also quite a few tweets about Zhu Zhu Pets.

In fact, lately the blogging world has been just filled with references to these furry little moneymakers. Consider these recent posts about the robotic hamsters:

Even the popular Huffington Post found the furry new trend to be blogworthy. Check out this post by Mae Anderson,   Robotic Hamsters: Holidays’ Unlikely New Craze.

I haven’t personally examined a Zhu Zhu Pet closely, so I can’t really say whether I think that these toys are worth all of the hype. Other than the photos published on blogs and in newspapers and magazines, I haven’t even seen one. (However, I CAN tell you that the photo accompanying this story is of a real hamster, and not a toy.)

Fortunately, my own kids are a little too old to demand this toy for themselves (or at least, I hope they are). So, a Zhu Zhu Pet won’t be coming to our house this Christmas season.

The PR lesson, however, is that social media is a key element when introducing a new product into the marketplace. Most companies would love to have the kind of coverage that Zhu Zhu Pets is getting, but they won’t realize that goal unless they acknowledge the importance of social media in the marketplace.

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Zhu zhu pet got publicity a lot. He is a real cute robot ready for Christmas.


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